Casa Alicos

There where the Sicily of the ancient flavors meets the passion for good taste and takes us back in time between traditional recipes and scents of the past.

  • Origins
    The origin of the Alicos product line, has its roots in long years of experience in the world of viticulture and oenology, in close contact with the most important farms in the south.
  • Mission
    Having always been a supporter of healthy and genuine cuisine, Alicos' mission is to exalt the health and well-being of the person. Hence the attention towards high quality products, good and health-conscious.
  • Raw material
    Raw material
    Carefully selected, they stand out for their unique and unmistakable properties, which make each product unique in the world market, ever more demanding and constantly evolving.
  • Alicos in the world
    Alicos in the world
    The Sicilian brand today boasts its presence throughout Italy and abroad, bringing the island's cuisine beyond national borders, to some of the most prestigious gastronomic centers in the world, such as EATALY!
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Excellent products, excellent quality, professionalism at the service of taste, great brand


The taste of things is unique, full of now unknown fragrances ... As made by our mothers


Excellent products, qualified and certified company. It is highly recommended to try it for yourself

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